Monday, September 28, 2009

.case of the mondays.

I hate Mondays. Its always hard to get into work-mode since my office is closed on the weekends it seems like everyone is calling and has the most important question that simply cannot wait, the day seems like it drags on forever, time freezes I swear. Today was cooler which was a nice change compared to it being 80 at 9am. I took my bosses dog to the dog park to help time pass by and stayed there for an hour, work kept creeping along but my day completely turned around when I got home. Carson had the day off today because the schools had a holiday and were closed so he had decided to BBQ some nice steak along with making me a delicious baked potato and a little salad. It was really the best surprise to come home to I was starved and had a long day and there couldn't have been a better thing to come home to then dinner all ready for me. After dinner we went over to our friend Christine's house to help her get the last of her things from her old apartment and move them into her new one. After helping her move this past weekend it makes me completely dread the thought of us having to move again, so I think were going to hold off until we find the absolute perfect place. When we were done helping Christine we did a little grocery shopping and ended up calling it a night and going home watching some TV and sharing some mango sorbet. So all in all my Monday ended up being just what I needed.

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