Saturday, September 26, 2009


So I've been going back and forth with the idea of a blog for a while now and have finally caved in. I decided that it will be nice to share photos and such with people I don't see on daily bases.

Every summer since I was six I've been going to Priest River Idaho to visit my dad and grandma. My grandma lives on a ranch with about 100 acres of land right on the river she has horses, and cows and lives down a dirt road where you only have a neighbor about every mile or so. I love going there it is completely surreal how untouched everything is, its quiet and peaceful and even though I've been going since I was six I always have fun. I just got back at the beginning of this month but I wish it was already time to go again.

Here are some pictures from my trip this year my boyfriend Carson and I drove for the first time because we brought our dogs (another first, we boarded them last year) and it made the trip even more enjoyable then I thought it could be. Our dogs Bourbon and Abigail had a blast they got to be...well dogs and run around free smell new things go swimming in the river and go camping it was a blast to say the least. Enjoy.

this I think was one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip. My grandma and grandpa took us out to dinner for our last night in Idaho at one of there little local restaurants and we had to leave the dogs in the car. When we got back this is how they were; Abigail ready to drive along with Bourbon ready to navigate and my dads two dogs just joining along in the back, it was almost to perfect.

this picture was taken from my grandmas back porch, when you play the guitar or sign my grandmas cows come from all over the pasture and watch you.

someone made a diving board out of some logs lying around right above a six foot deep little swimming spot where we camped.

this is from our camping spot in the morning it was so cold out you could see steam coming off the water

I love card games, especially little kid ones. the simpler the better, this is Carson and my dad playing crazy eights its so much fun playing with them because they both get so worked up over it and as you can see it always makes for a pretty good time.

the view from the little island we camped on you can see my dads head down the river

my grandma and I on her horses down one of the dirt trails around her house this one led to the "swimming hole"

driving through Washington

Abigail and Bourbon in front of our tents

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