Tuesday, October 13, 2009

.halloween spirit.

I love just about every holiday but especially ones you can get really into, I probably get a little carried away and look like the crazy lady on my block but I don’t care. This weekend Carson and I picked out some pumpkins and carved one...actually I carved the eyes and Carson did all the detail I was too scared I would screw it up somehow. Any who so we did that and then I went to Target and got a little carried away BUT they had all these great Halloween lights that were only $2.99 for a box that was 17ft or something like that so I think I bought 5 boxes and on top of that I bought a special box of pumpkin lantern lights to go over the front of our fence. Carson was gone skating so when I got home I wanted to have them done before he got back as a surprise (he gets really into things like I do so I thought this would be a fun surprise to come home to) I quickly remembered why I always have help from him come xmas lights time, I couldn’t get the lights to stay over the windows if my life depended on it after getting extremely frustrated and spending 30min on each window I finally showed it who was boss and was very proud of myself. Carson came home and was surprised and happy so all my frustration was worth it : ) it wasn’t dark yet so we waited and when it finally was we turned on the lights to find out that the 2 boxes I picked out of supposable "purple with orange tips" looked pink. After everything I went through putting them up I really didn’t care. We now have orange lights over our windows "pink" over the fence and the pumpkin’s over the front of the fence, we are defiantly the most festive in our building.

The rest of our weekend was spent relaxing and cleaning around the house, we took the dogs across the street to their favorite field that they haven’t been able to go to in a while because there were too many fox tails and it wasn’t worth the risk. This weekend went by extremely fast and I was hoping that I would have today off because its Columbus Day but I guess that’s only for schools, sadly. So it’s a start to another week of work, so far so good.
Ill leave you with a couple pictures of our jack-o-lantern and our ridiculous Halloween light show we have going on.

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